Lakozy Delhi - Very helpful place/dealer


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Feb 24, 2010
I have recently bought a few components from Lakozy (Delhi). I thought that I'll write a few words about Mr. Ashish and his office - Lakozy.

They deal in NAD, PSB and a few other brands. I had bought a NAD cd player and an amp from them. The products were very carefully packed and shipped to my place (in UP). I had not visited Lakozy till then. Mr. Ashish very nicely helped me decide which one to opt for. I had heard them and a few other NAD offerings earlier at another place but here even by email, I could solve a lot of my queries.

Last month, I had a chance to visit Lakozy showroom at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The ambiance of the place was very refined and inviting. The first thing that caught my eye was an item of memorabilia from the movie Godfather. After sometime I got a chance to hear some great music on NAD Master series disc player (SACD player) with NAD M2 amp and PSB floorstanders. Mr. Ashish took care to spread a thick carpet in front of the system to reduce the first reflections from the floor. Very few dealers actually do it in their demo rooms. Some have a carpet permanently just for display but here I saw that he knew the purpose behind it. He had gone one step ahead once again and upgraded the power cords, interconnects and speaker cables with some good cables.

Few things that struck me as soon as the music started playing- The M2 amplifier sounded very warm and entertaining. I knew it was a class D amp but this was the first class D amp that made all my preconceptions go away.
I'll write about the system in another post. This one is about the dealer !

Now I have got a very nice region free bluray player (Pioneer) from him which plays SACD too. This was the most inexpensive player that plays SACD, 3D bluray (region free) and has network capabilities too. I was helped in finding this player too by Mr. Ashish. Recently I got a Musical Fidelity item through him. Though he doesn't deal in these brands as far as I know, but he still helped me in getting these components and I felt more confident buying through him.

I highly recommend Lakozy (Delhi) for hi-fi needs. The memorabilia also seems to be available for sale but at a premium price.
Ashish is a HFV member and an active contributor even before he got into the AV business, and his passion for our hobby shows in your feedback.

Congrats on your new acquisitions...and congrats to Ashish for providing such great experiences to the customers :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
He is a great guy. I know him on this forum much before he ventured into the business. Hope to see his business grow.
I had a small technical problem with a cd player and so I have sent the player back for service since it is under warranty. I'll post my feedback on this aspect too (after-sales service and response).

I am expecting very good standard of service from him even in this area.
Whether NAD products Malfunctions frequently. I'm saying this because one of the seller was asking for premium for the NAD amp so he can give free service at least for 1 year.
Whether NAD products Malfunctions frequently. I'm saying this because one of the seller was asking for premium for the NAD amp so he can give free service at least for 1 year.

This is the first NAD product that had a very small technical problem. At present I am using a cd player, integrated amp and planning for a DAC from NAD. Problems are rare but I suggest that you make sure that you buy your products from a good seller just in case.
I have had the most trouble from an old Sansui tape deck but that is another story.

I never had to pay any premium like you have mentioned but I do have seen lesser rates of some of the products I have bought from some of the trusted sellers, in other places especially on ebay. However I don't buy at these lesser rates since I feel scared of being handed over refurbished / demo or sometimes even defective models.
My experience with Ashish at Lokozy,Delhi was almost good,except that he couldn't get his Mumbai office to agree to the price of NAD 356 amplifier,which Ashish had offered to me.
He has even agreed to get a demo of NAD amplifier at my home .
More than being 'just' a good and efficient dealer of Hi-Fi equipment, he has the nose to check and try out something new! The initiative that he showed by coming over to my home to see and himself get a feel of the TL speaker speaks volumes of his passion for this field ...... :clapping:
Perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.