Lame setting


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Jul 24, 2008
I've configured my lame encoder's Lowpass value to 18000 Hz & Hipass to 200 Hz @ 96 kbps CBR ...getting ok results with it...can anyone suggest me better one :)
use flac?

whats the point of mp3? HDD are so cheap now, space is barely a problem. i put up a guide in the forum for ripping perfectly using EAC and FLAC. you will experience NO LOSS IN AUDIO QUALITY, and yet have the convenience of computer based audio.

mp3, even at 320, is audibly different from CD/FLAC on even medium to high end systems. heck, if its a really good recording, you can even tell the difference on laptop speakers.

'Hydrogen audio' is a great forum for such things, tons of help, info, tips, guides available. Goggle it for exact URL.

Your highpass settings are definitely way too high, would urge you to reduce the threshold to at least 40-50 Hz.

Ideally you should look at 20 Hz - 20 KHz. Keep in mind that someday you may want to play back these files on better equipment. You don't want to be ripping your source material again.

I would say even if HD space is a constraint, experiment with at least 256 or prefeably 320 kbps.

Beyond 320 kbps, it doesn't really matter unless you have a specialised (non-stock) sound card/ DAC, and very decent headphone amp/ phones/ speakers etc..

My suggestion: Don't tinker with the settings yourself. LAME is a renowned VBR encoder. Use one of its VBR quality presets. -V 3 works wonders for me with all genres of music.

In the latest listening tests conducted at HydrogenAudio, this turned out to be the sweet spot between file size and audio quality. So, why not use it?
I used to use EAC with LAME at 320 VBR, but now with the prices of DVDs and HDD so low it makes sense to rip in FLAC... Still if it is mp3 you are looking for then go with the default settings of LAME at 320 VBR. Certainly gives great rips.
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