LCD 42 Samsung (4 Series) vs LG (LG42LF20)


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Oct 13, 2009
Just joined, liked the community and the quick responses.

I went to eZone, OMR. The showroom was very good with lot of display but seem to be overpriced. They actually hiked the price and giving different gifts for different purchase amount.

LG42LF20 - eZone - 53040 - Shah's Velachery - 48900

Shah's price seems to be reasonable for this model, they said they can reduce the price of DVD player if I don't need it (2,900+).

Initially I wanted SD/USB slot, 3HDMI, Bluetooth and other stuff and budget of 60K. I have a Linksys Media Center Extender and Quad code PC where I tested streaming HD Content today, it looks good on my 19" LCD TV (please don't laugh on the size, I am not a tv watcher).

So decided against all bells and whistles and planning to go for Full HD and good contrast ratio. LG seem to be good fit.

I also looked at Samsung LCD 40 (I think 4 series) roughly 45K or something.

I think the big difference between the Samsung and LG is contrast ratio (LG is more) and probably 1 HDMI more (Samsung). No USB.

Will try to get a bargain today and decide.

Please let me know if there is anything I should look for.

Can somebody confirm whether Samsung LA40A450 is Full HD ? I can get this from CSD canteen for 42K.

For wall mounting, I can't put it on a flat wall as I have showcase. I need to put it on a corner. The questions is, how much would it cost to have a setup where you can mount on wall using an extended arm to twist the view so that the LCD can be mounted at the corner and still viewable.

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Finally went for LG42LF20.

Got it for 44K @ Shah's. Paid cash and opted out of all freebies (dvd player).

Looks good. yet to wall mount.
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