LCD / Plasma / Projector ?


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Jan 15, 2009
Hi everyone, Over the last couple of weeks, I have been toiling with the idea of setting up a PJ. Have been reading thru a lot of reviews abt PJ's and the LCD and plasmas too.
So thought of creating a discussion on our forum over the adv / disadv of using PJ and TV's.
This is more towards aspiring LCD / plasma buyers.

For example lets take budget(which is the main factor most of us look at):
Currently the best plasma (as per most of our forum members) is PV8 which retails for aournd 45-50K roughly. The 720P Optoma projectors retail for around 60-70K (you can get it much cheaper outside India and PJ's dont have voltage issues). Does it make sense to buy the PJ and use a 100Inch screen and enjoy ur movies, rather than getting 42" plasma or LCD for that matter?

Once the LCD / Plasmas become more affordable (lets say in 2 yrs and we get more TV channels in HD), take the plunge into TV. Till then use our CRT tvs for watching our TV channels.
(Its a compromise for many, but not bad idea i think in the long term). Bcoz mostly our big screen TVs are useful for movies & games (which will look gr8 in 100" screen + PJ).

There r other factors like PJ bulb replacement etc.. which needs to be considered too..

This is just my personal opinion. Lets discuss the pros and cons of each...
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