LCD to HTS Bandridge Stereo Audio Cable length


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Feb 9, 2009
Trying to connect a LCD to the HTS. Bought a Bandridge Stereo Audio Cable. However the maximum length is 1.0 m or 3.3'. This is short and does not fit lengthwise easily. When asked for a longer cable they said, this was it. Response was, you may need to buy another similar cable and figure out if there is an adapter (RCA type) available to connect these two cables to make it longer.

Any idea if longer Stereo Audio Cables are available?
Usually one expects the length of ICs to be within 5-7 feet. Blue Jeans cables allows you to order for whatever length you want, but I suppose beyond a certain standard length it becomes a made to order.

Check with DAC whether they have longer lengths. The better option may be to get one made for yourself with the help of a local electronics engineer.

***A bit off topic***
How are Bandridge cables BTW, I got one HDMI that my installation guy gave me. I was a bit skeptical about the quality, any suggestion???
Thanks for the suggestion. I finally got a Bandridge cable which is 2m (6.6'). That sufficed my current requirement and is workig well now.
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