LCD TV as a Computer Monitor


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Jan 17, 2008
Hi, Guys

I am looking to build a good gaming computer, with a Geforce 8800 graphics processor. Also, i do not plan to buy a TV, but use my computer as the TV, so i will probably use a TV Tuner card. One advantage of using a TV tuner is that i can record programs directly into my computer, thus enabling me to "watch" TV shows that are aired when i am at work.

Does anyone know if i can use a 32" LCD TV as a monitor for such a setup?

Is there any website that lists the prices of different brands and models of LCD TVs??
I do have a HTPC too (a DELL XPS420 desktop with a 22" widescreen). I enjoy it, so i am sure you would too.

some quick thoughts.

If you plan to go gaming, then you might want a higher resolution screen (slightly more than the 720p/XGA resolution screens) and you also might want to go with either DVI or HDMI ( not VGA). so ensure than your graphics card has a DVI/HDMI out port.

Your TV quality depends on the quality of source programming + the Tuner card which you are using. In case your tuner card is not fast enough then you will see pauses and sound dropouts ( this can get irritating sometimes)
Also, another thing to note is the absence of auto volume levellers in tv tuner cards. when you change channels or during advertisements you will notice high volume levels which can be disturbing.Finally, since recording continuously uses the hard disk, sudden power outages might damage your disk when in use, so you need to have a UPS to cater to that.

Barring these, i would recommend aTV tuner card.
Hope this helps.
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