LCD TV Calibration - Samsung LA40R7


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Dec 3, 2008
Hi all,

I have Samsung LA40R7 LCD TV (40", 720P).
I was playing around with the brightness, contrast settings to get good picture.

There is setting in the TV, in which the basic backlight source can be set to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. Samsung calls this "Energy Saving", with HIGH, MED and LOW, so that Energy savings with HIGH, basically gives a low intensity backlight.

As I know, in LCD, there is a backlight source, which the panel selectively allows the light to pass through. In doing so, the pixels allow light to pass / block, thus achieving the brightness / contrast.

I set the back light light source to LOW, and used a THX DVD to attempt to calibrate the TV settings. By following the THX procedure, I ended up with contrast at 80, and brightness at 95. Is it OK to go with these settings?

If I set the backlight source to MED or HIGH, then the brightness and contrast settings will come down.

Which is better:
LOW backlight with higher settings for brightness / contrast
MED / HIGH backlight with lower settings for brightness / contrast.

At present I have taken the first approach, DVD PQ looks OK

Please suggest.

If you are happy with your picture, that would be the best possible setting for you :)
Having said that, i would keep the backlight source at medium. (The brightness is basically for the black level (set your brightness to distinguish the blacks from the greys) and the contrast is for the white level(intensity of the light) )
The contrast setting controls the peak light output or luminance that your display will provide. Setting contrast too low will result in a dim picture. Set contrast too high can cause lighter details to be lost into white (white clipping) or cause blooming/smearing. Contrast affects all colours at the same time
I have not set PQ using THX video, but i recommend Digital video essentials). It has proper methods for setting grey scale.
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