LCD tv suggestions


Aug 12, 2008
Hello all,

Am on the lookout for a LCD tv that would fit my room of 160sqft. I feel 26" would be fine.

In such a case, what are all the options available in the market ?

What to look for while buying ?

Your comments and experiences appreciated.

I belong to Chennai and any shop recommendation is also welcome.

go for atleast 32inch size which will be around 34k for full hd from good brand. Can even think of panasonic plasma in 42inch if ur pocket permits. 26 inch has become standard for computer monitors now a days and better to avoid if ur specific to watching movies and games. Certainly they are ok for saas-bahu type serials. At chennai u have ezone, croma and reliance digital etc. for demo and selection. But I feel u will get better bargain from shops rather than this outlets.
hello diplomat,

thanks for your suggestion.

Won't 32" look very big for a room of size 160 sqft ?

That was my worry - I thought 26" will be ok .

I was just thinking that the room size should be taken into account while buying such LCD tv

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Balajeem - your room can work with a 32 inch TV without any problems. Depending on your seating position even a 42 inch Plasma may work out well for you. If your seating position is at least 8 feet from the TV then you can look at either of these options. All the best.
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