LED 55" up to 65k budget Suggestions


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Mar 4, 2011
hello gurus,

I am confused between following products which fall under my criterion.

Usage would be streaming through Tata Binge android box. 4k & FullHD (75%), SD content (25%). No gaming.

Will be used in Living room - brightly lit.

Priority is best for the buck Picture Quality, longetivity of the panel and reliability.

I've been swinging between
1) Sony KD-55X75K @65,000/-
2) LG 55UQ8050PSB @56,000/-
3) Samsung UA55BU8000KLXL @68,000/-
4) Hi Sense 55UG6 @ 50,000/-

Current TV is Panasonic 43" Plasma (HD Ready - connected to same Binge Box).

Pl help me out - can suggest any other model you find suitable in the above price range.

Thanks in advance,
Are these as reliable as Sony / Samsung / LG?
Nope, I can’t say that. People have had good experience with both the brands and bad with both of them but in terms of PQ they are the best in this range. I personally bought a VU Masterpiece glo recently and I love the build quality, PQ and overall performance. Even the processor is as good as any Sony TV. Actually they use the same processor as Sony. In terms of customer service it all depends on your region. If you’re in t3 city and upwards then you should be fine. Customer support was quickly to respond and helpful when I called them to test out their customer support. I can’t say anything about Toshiba Customer support though
Are these as reliable as Sony / Samsung / LG?
Sony/Samsung is reliable up to what degree? Where is their fresh reliability statistics? They are offering 1 or max 2 years of warranty(In a few selective models). Most of the Sony/Samsung TVs nowadays are falling apart with the chip board failure( report from all the service centers throughout the country). And after warranty its a big expense to get it done again by the respective service centers. LG is still considered a little better with service level. But LG LED TVs are not up to any impression mark as off now. Then what options you are left with now...??
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