Lens based projector for television


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Jan 3, 2008
Well, if you search the net, you will get plenty of these types of ads Its actually not a projector as such but a plan to build a projector at home.

A lens commonly available at big stationary stores by name 'fresnel lens' is a thin transperent plastic sheet (A4 page) with magnifying capacity to be used by old people to read in better way. (Cost Rs150/- to Rs250/- apprx) )and plan inlcudes to build a box from card boards to cover the TV screen entirely and magnify using lens on the other side. The image will be projected inverted. left /right even if you manage top/bottom. So its a kind of DIY stuff and requires good skill & patience to build it. Output depends on the craftsmanship how perfect you have built but requires a complete darkenss as TV screen brigness used as a source. so can say good to try but may not be final.
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