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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers


May 24, 2009
This is my first review so do bear me with me if my terms arent technical or my description isnt clear. I have had a LFD PSO(preamp) and LFD PAO(power amp) driving a pair of Proac 1SCs for a couple of months now. I bought these amps after selling my Sony 700ES(110watts per channel ).

I listen to all genres of music and I have found these amps to be really good with all genres,I find that a majority of my CDs sound a lot more engaging that I listen to full albums now rather than selecting favourite songs etc.In the past I used to search for selected songs and skip through the rest of the CD,I havent done that for a while it seems a lot more relaxing listening to the same CDs now.

So how does the music sound - The bass is tight, an excellent midrange and wonderful highs,no harshness at all. Guitars (especially acoustic )and piano etc sound vivid. I am very impressed by the resolution ad details brought out in recordings.

Its rated at 50W I think,but it doesnt have any difficulty whatsoever in driving the Proacs . The only disappointment I have is that in terms of my hifi journey I dont think Ill want to buy another amp now as I am not sure how significant the upgrade would be/what difference Ill notice and Im very very happy with these amps. I do end up staying up late most nights now listening to music as I dont feel like hitting the bed without the CD finishing.

Enjoy the music folks and take care.