LG BD390!!!!! Owners


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Sep 9, 2009

Just found this info on AVS's forum.

"The BD390 even supports a NTFS formatted HDD..."

Any owners can conform this. I will also try tomorrow at the LG showrooms. If this works out , then it would be great :yahoo:

one more info from guru3d.com's forum

"I have the LG bd 370 and there's also a bd 390 which DOES support ntfs"

from readynas.com's forum

"I'm streaming to my LG BD390 blu-ray player which can stream content from DLNA servers. However it does not let me stream certain files like large HD files,
and it supports external USB drives with NTFS. So that is why I need good NTFS write performance"

from techtree.com

"The LG Home Theater HB954TB has a USB port placed on the top right corner with an upward facing port. Anyways the USB port supported even an NTFS formatted drive, which is good just in case you have a single data file that is larger than 4GB. USB drives are now a default when it comes to DVD Players and DivX player, so that said this LG System hasn't faltered.

I think all future models from now will support NTFS.

Even the new LG Plasma Tv models PQ60/70 support NTFS through USB.
I was checking with a few of my friends/ colleagues in the US on available BDPs and one of them strongy recommended the LG BD390. He can actually buy it for me and send it to me (to Bangalore) with one of his colleagues. I found the price (about $300) very attractive for the kind of features it offers and the kind of reviews (in CNET & other sites) it has got. However, i don't want to get stuck with RegA/ Region1 only player. Does anyone in the forum know if there is a mod-kit available for this model to make it region-free?
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