LG plasma 42PG21-600 Hertz?? anty feedback


Sep 23, 2007
Saw this LG plasma 42PG21 in Vijay sales goregaon @ Rs 46000
There is big sticker announcing 600 Hertz & 100000:1 Contrast ratio.
I was in hurry so no testing was psble - but according to salesman "it gives flicker free picture!!"
Rest features - as any mass marketer - he was clueless.
To my eye the tata sky feed it was showing was not that great

So any feedback of this model??My friend has 100 Hertz tv ( philips) which is fantastic. so how good 600 Hertz will be - or it is just a marketig gimmic??

Guys your reviews please!!!
I didnt see this topic earlier, but never mind.

Well, i saw this "600Hz" thing too, for this model. It is it's "Sub-field driving" rate. It is the rate at which the image is processed on the display. Human eye cannot differentiate when this rate exceeds 60-80Hz, so i guess it's just a marketing gimmick.

I had compared this TV with a Panasonic PV8 side by side, and obviously i didnt spot any difference in screen refresh rate. And by the way, LGPG21 is an excellent model, when i compared it with the PV8. I think it's quite underrated here. It's costing 45K and no big difference between the image quality of the PV8. Even though i found PV8 just a bit better, my friend who was with me while comparing, actually found the LG better.
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For the human eye to perceive the 1080P resolution, the refresh rate has to be 24 frames / sec with a frequency that it can divide wholly (which it does for 600 Hz). The picture will be sharper than a 24 fps at 60 Hz. Key is 24 fps.
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