LG Plasma PQ30, PQ60 - 70 owners help, does TV have Variable audio out?


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Oct 13, 2009

I plan on buying the PQ60, but I want to connect this to a cost effective simple 2 channel with woofer stereo speaker system available for PCs (like Creative Inspire series 2+1) or use cabled Headphones and control the volume using the remote of the TV.

I understand there is no direct Headphone out in this TV, but the LG India site does mention "Variable Audio Out: Yes (1) - Share with AV Out (L+R)" under "Connectivity Rear".

So basically I can use simple converter cable which would connect to the L+R channel and give me a headphone socket which I can use to connect the headphones/speakers to.

I want you guys to look at the back and tell me if there is a "Variable Audio Out" at the back connections area?

If possible, can someone post a photo of the rear terminals? or upload the Indian manual, or print screen of the connections page of the manual. I need to make sure the TV has this controllable volume option, so I can improve on Inbuilt speakers but use the TVs volume control.

Thanks in advance
Hi There!
Im planning to set it to variable out and hookup my ATP3 over the weekend.

Im not sure if they can drive earphones though...

Check this link, this is the product support page for LG singapore,
Search for 42PQ60R there.

LG Singapore :: Products
Thanks guys for your inputs, yes TV does have variable audio out, which would be great to attach top quality creative inspire stereo speakers and get decent bass from the TV
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