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Jul 25, 2006
Hi! Guys,

News from Linn.

Sneaky Music DS Review, Audio Magazine, Germany (June 2008 issue)
???Best ever sound quality for 1500 Euros. There??s no CD player anywhere near its price range that could seriously compete with it. The Sneaky Music DS deserves to be integrated in the best systems and once there it will kick many a high end CD player off the rack. Verdict: Reference Class. Sound: outstanding. Value for money: outstanding.??

AKURATE DS, KLIMAX DS, SNEAKY MUSIC DS FonoForum, Germany Jun 2008 ??FAREWELL TO THE CD RACK?. The Klimax DS literally knocked our socks off, and although its ??little? brothers can??t quite compete with its out-of-this-world qualities, both are clearly superior in their own right. No doubt about it: Linn??s DS players offer the best sound we??ve heard so far from digital formats. All three easily beat similarly priced CD players, which takes network streaming to an all new level of sound. And best of all: Going Linn means you can leave your PC in the office??
FonoForum magazine on Linn DS players, Germany, July 2008 issue

MAJIK Homevision, GermanyJul 2008
...The MAJIK 140's biggest strength is their lack of weaknesses.
They play music as effortlessly as speakers costing many times their price, their imaging is comparable to the very best of compact monitors...Rather than foregrounding themselves, they honour the music... Going active markedly improves precision and authority and even at whisper levels the sound panorama is completely consistent...All this makes the MAJIKs a safe investment for a future full of sound...
Verdict: very good. Value for money: very good. HomeVison HIGHLIGHT...'

'IS STREAMING KILLING CD? Even though we weren't quite sure what Linn "DS" was all about, we suspected that we were in for an experience of epochal proportions. Once we found out, our established view of the (HiFi) world was completely disarranged...
...Klimax DS is in a class totally by itself. Not only is it the best network player we've heard. It is - and that's a sensation - one of the best sources money can buy, slightly better even than our long-standing reference, Nagra CDC...It plays in a different cosmos...
...Akurate DS, Majik DS and Sneaky DS accomplish a similar feat. All three of them sound better than any CD player in their respective price range...
?overwhelming...4 superb machines...!'

MAJIK LP12 Hi-Fi News, UK Jun 2008
"It must be Majik. If you've ever lusted after a Linn LP12 but found the price a little beyond your pocket then this Majik package deserves pride of place on your rack. The Majik LP12 is a true package deal, the first of its kind, intended to make the LP12 available to customers who might not have stretched to it before ? Visually, it's perfect ? From the first notes, there was that sense of a real musical happening. The bass was exemplary, clean, unexaggerated, tuneful and punchy, while the drum sound was extremely good with cymbals ringing and singing with an arresting realism ?Above all, the Majik LP12 proves that even after 35 years, the classic suspended-subchassis using traditional materials still has more to offer than most turntables."
Majik LP12 Review, Hi-Fi News, UK, July 2008 issue

AKURATE, GermanyJul 2007
"...The 242 literally invites you to rediscover all your allegedly well-known music. That's the true art of all great loudspeakers - they go straight to your heart... Verdict: OUTSTANDING"

The awards & fantastic reviews just keep coming.!:D
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