Login with real names please

Absolute Phase

Active Member
Jul 25, 2006
Hi! Guys,

In the past so many forums have, us all loging in with a USER NAME that is either suedo or whacky or crazy or laughable. However things have sometimes got out of hand and many times there are guys on the forum with two names :confused:

We want to make this the best indian audio/video forum and IMHO I personally think we must all log in with real names.

No names like what we have seen in a few days. No offence to anyone, but its in the best interest of this forum that we all login as what our real names are.

Personally I would hate being called anything other than PRITHVI, even though I am commercial member of this forum and have a commercial establishment. In the end its the person that matters!:D

No offences to anyone. But lets start loging in as our real names and be truthful. This will make this forum a better place. Added to this we can also use our own photograph as an avatar. Will start by doing it myself. Wow:D a face and a real name behind each photo.:cool:

So all you guys what are you waiting for!


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