Logitech Service Complaint Letter..learn from my experience


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Sep 5, 2009
My name is Leftysax and I have a sad sad story to tell. I purchased the Logitech MX5500 Keyboard + Mouse Combo approximately 7 months back. As one of the most expensive peripheral purchases I have made, this combo gave me endless hours of enjoyment. However, almost overnight, the MX Revolution mouse developed a weird bug/snag. It would start scrolling up and down automatically and randomly even when left untouched. This was especially evident while browsing the web and viewing folders in Windows Explorer. Thats not all; the mouse also makes a loud internal clicking sound. These problems have made the MX5500 Combo totally unusable.
So I packed up the MX5500 Combo and took it to Neotech Computers Andheri West (From where I had purchased it). They directed me to Savex Computers Vile Parle. On 20th October, I dutifully deposited the MX5500 Combo in the original box which I had saved just-in-case. The complete list of deposited items included Keyboard, Mouse, Charging Dock, Bluetooth Dongle and Setpoint CD.
About 5 days later I received a call from Mr Rohan from Savex Computers. He told me that there I absolutely no problem with the mouse. I insisted that there was indeed a problem and requested him to take another look at it. However, after 3 days I was told that there is no problem and I should come and take back my keyboard and mouse.
So, I headed back to Savex Computers only to find that my keyboard and mouse has been put in a Wireless Keyboard E 90 box not my Original MX5500 Box. Also, the Logitech Setpoint CD was missing. The Savex employees ridiculed me when I asked for my original box. They also said that I had not deposited the Logitech Setpoint CD which is an outright lie.
Dejected, I came back home, plugged in the Keyboard and Mouse and faced the same problem of random clicking. I have also tested this Combo on a friends Compaq V2000 Laptop. The Mouse exhibits the same defect on the laptop as well. This means that there is definitely a problem, contradicting what the service centre people claim.
I am at my wits end. This experience will make me think ten times before recommending or purchasing another Logitech Product. My expectations for any help are minimal at this point. So, if you cant do anything, I wont be surprised.
Hi Lefty
Problem is not with the company making goods. Some piece does get bad and that is true for all companies. Issue is with the dealer and distributor network who think they have come to our home and given us the product for free.
Except for very few dealers the story is same unless you have endless time to fight and argue.
Buying mass market products is always a gamble in india