Looking For a AV Receiver

Rohit Verma

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Jul 22, 2008
New Delhi
Hi, I am new in Hifivision.com. I am looking to buy an AV Receiver for movies and live concerts. I alreday have Denon 700 AE Amp and Denon 700 CD player for audio listening. Currently, I have selected Marantz 5002 and Denon 1908. Kindly assist me, which one should I go for. Your help would be highly appreciated!
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Dear Rohit

Welcome to the Forum...

If you can just, tell us what is your basic use for the same...will it be more of music, or will it be more of movies...???

It will hence be pretty easy to suggest...

Anyways, one more thread is there on this forum...
Denon 1508 vs Marantz 1908, read the comments out there, they may be useful for you...
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