Looking for a best 29 inch CRT


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Oct 26, 2008

Just joined and look for your suggestions to buy best CRT29 inch TV
Well I need this in Chennai hence would appreciate your inputs on what is available in India. - Thanks
The same suggestion holds. Any Panasonic or Sony which supports 100hz scanning and has a component input for your DVD or AV receiver. I can't think of specific models but these criteria should suffice. Don't bother with the "fancy" sets, especially some of the Sony ones, with the outlandish speakers that look like a UFO landed on it. They add only to the price tag, not value. Your basic flat-screen will do just fine.
I have been using a Philips Pixelplus 29" CRT TV for the last 4 years which has excellent picture quality. That time I had compared the Pixelplus to other CRT TVs like Sony, Samsung, Sharp etc and found the Pixelplus far superior in picture quality.
I am not sure about the current CRT technologies.

> murali
Pls check if you get last stock of philips 100 HZ tv . And grab it as it is last of CRT mohikans!!
Philips pulled out PixelPlus 29" just before last Diwali, Sony a bit earlier, Panny stopped importing their version last year; all of that in the companies self interest, as those models blew the LCDs out of the ground, but they wanted to push LCDs...

yesterday visited an electronics shop near my place , he said manufacturing of 29" CRT has stopped now, once the stocks clear out, they will only be selling lcd's at those sizes and crt's sold will be below 29" size
There are no 100hz models available at the moment. So I don't think there's much option here. Most of the better brands have 29" TVs with component in. So i think you can just pick a "slim" CRT 29" from either Samsung, LG or Philips. Sony is overpriced and not worth the extra money (and they don't have "slim" CRT TVs).
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