looking for a subwoofer in mumbai


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Apr 10, 2008
hi Friends,
I've been going thru this site for almost a fortnight & in the process also finalised a audio/video system for my home.I've really found this site very informative..and would like to congratulate vinay for hi beautiful home theatre.

Well friends, with the budget i'd, i bought a yamaha 361 amp of 100 RMS each channel, and onkyo 3600 speaker set which i got very cheap,including 2 tower speakers with 100 RMS, but this set doesn't include a subwoofer. So, i need some clarification on this, the bass effect is felt in a different and akward way, do i need to to put a separate active subwoofer.which is a good one and what price will iget, and where ? any used will also do. anybody knows how to operate yamaha 361 amp. coz i bought it from grey mkt. did not got a demo.

thanks a lot.
There is no substitute for an active sub-woofer in a HT setup. To get deep loud bass for movies, this is your only option. What is your budget?

With regards to your Yamaha, it would be a good idea to read the Manual. If you haven't got one, download it.. Google should find it for you.
Are you ready to buy used?? I want to sell my Space Subwwofer - Active 100 W RMS and 8 Inch Dia .
Available at Sanpada ,Vashi Navi Mumbai.
I am selling as I am buying 12 Inch One!!

hi, Hemant,
how old is your space sub, and for how much you will sell, let me know, and how much you are paying to buy a new one, which brand?

Hi arouind 3-4 years old. 8 inch woofer. Made in inda.100 W Rms amp. all subwoofer controls. At Sanpada Vashi Navi Mumbai.Price Rs 4500.
I already bought an used 12 inch monster - Dynaquest 12 Inch Sub!!
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