Looking for Speakers for Yamaha RX-V459


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Jun 14, 2007

I am very very new to this , however have dream to have a good home theater.. so I got my first amp (Yamaha RX-V459 6.1 Channels Receiver..

Now looking for good speakers ( under cost of 30K-40K ).. I looked into Bose however finding it expensive and review overall is not that great.

I am more into movies than music (so 70:30)..I have decent house or room ( approx 10 by 10.. as u typicall have in Mumbai or Delhi)

If any one of you can help.. I live in mumbai but can check in delhi also ( as my parents live there).. so both this cities are in reach.


More Information abt AMP
Powerful and versatile 6.1-Channel receiver featuring Quad-Field CINEMA DSP, XM Satellite Radio "Ready" with XM HD Surround, and functions for the convenient use of portable audio players.
Specs: 6.1 Channels
Surround Power: 90 W
MultiBrand Remote Control
Decoders: Dolby Digital
Dolby Pro Logic II
DTS... Read Full Specification
hi nishkil
just try JBL SCS 260.5 , its a good sat system which is priced very reasonable., also try mordaunt short genie .,

thanks man. but i have picked up Evo30.. little expensive.. but its okay... once in life investment.. i guess
canu suggest me something abt USB DVD player for my amp and speakers.
i am in singapore now.. so i can pick up from here..
reply soon..
Hi Nishikant,
I am in the same boat as yours. Planning to get a RX-V459 and looking for speakers to match.
How do you like your setup?
Can you let me know where you purchased your stuff and what did you pay for the RX-V459 and Evo30?

Try the Jamo S 406 HCS 1 package ... This package is well within your budget and sounds very good at its price range ... 100% value for money.

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