Looking for used/new low end CD player


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Aug 12, 2007
Hi all

Am a Delhi-based music/movie buff....love the site and would love to get to know more like-minded people.

Currently have two separate set-ups -- one for two-channel music and a home theatre set up (very basic, nothing fancy with universal DVD player,
32" LCD and Marantz receiver). However, the CD player in my two-channel set up seems to be on its last legs and I'm looking for a simple low end CD player...dont wanna pay too much but the budget can be stretched if I get something good.

If your budget is around 20K I would suggest you buy the Cambridge Audio 540C or 640C. They are great CD players and excellent value for the money.

You can hear them in Delhi at:

Fx Entertainment
32/204 2nd Floor, Vikram Vihar, New Dehli - 110024, India

Telephone: +91 11 41717286

please let us know whats the associate equipment ......with out that suggesting a CD player will not yield u good result.

Someone asked about associated equipment, well I have a Philips FA 931 amplifier -- dont know if anyone has heard one, but they are amazing, built like a battleship and very clean sound, mine's about 12 years old and still going strong, used with floorstanders...

Hope that will do....
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I would like to add another vote for Cambridge Audio 540/640C V2. Brilliant players for their price. But this reminds me -- I had also come across the Yamaha S657 a year ago. It got pretty average reviews but what got my attention was the fact that it supported DVD-Audio and SACD as well as upsampling of CD-Audio to 192khz. It was selling for around 12k in the grey market but I never got to hear it. Might be worth a look if its still around.

For Your kind of equipment go for a Dvd player , if you buy a cd player i think its not going to make a big difference , once you think of buying a Hi fi speakers and amplifier then buy a CD player hope you understand what i mean


I have hi-fi speakers (and have had them for longer than u probably heard the term hi-fi) and a terrific stereo amplifier which probably sounds better than ur rig....I dont want to spend a bomb on a CD player to replace my 10-year-old CD player.
Hope you understand what I mean
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get some technics or pioneer CD player which is around 10 to 15 years old , they trade for cheap and the cost too is less.
I'd strongly advise that you stay away from used CDPs-you would'nt know the real condition & parts are very hard to come by, if at all.
Go in for the Cambridge or a Marantz-they're both sold & serviced here.
BUT,try to arrange a home audition -do not buy blind.
Buy from India's official online dealer!