Looking to buy a Turntable


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Sep 11, 2008
I am looking to buy a Turntable. It must be able to play record with 78rpm.
I would prefer for the old vintage one if some one have it please let me know.
I can buy a new one also if it supports 78rpm
I can be reached at 0091 9958285858

Hey Vinay,

We have a dealer in Bangalore who sources good vintage ones for decent price.

If you're interested, I could pass on his coordinates and you could touch base with him.
Balaji - 09342410288 / 080 65956427. give him a holler and see what he can do for you...he is a very helpful chap
I guess he still got the Dual we checked the other day, Maddy.
And the TT can play 33, 45 and 78 rpm formats.
a very good TT.. congrats cybervinay.
though Duals were not considered high end TT back then, however I just love them - they are a beautiful piece of engineering.

PS: To add to what Anil mentioned... ask your seller to pack platter seperately (not to tape it or use packing material between plinth and platter). Apparently this is the most common mistake committed during the packaging -- damaging the bearing, plinth and tonearm during transaction. Also ask him to remove the counterweight from the tone arm and pack separately.
See http://www.theturntablefactory.com/packing.html
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Thanks for the advice on packing and shipping. Even though Seller is expert in shipping these TT turntables, I will ensure he packs it well.

I am OK to pay customs duty, but will there be any peanlty for importing this used TT (as it would be difficult for customs to determine its value / price)

Please share your experiences on customs for this kind of items

Hi Vinay, congrats on winning the beauty......
Ask seller to double box, as item is fragile. I had bad experience with my vintage kenwood amp, came damaged. Insurance is a must against damage & loss (theft)

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this is what i have saved on the notepad of my comp... donno the exact URL.. try googling it.
Well it is an important question in the world of today, more and more Indians are purchasing stuff online and importing it into India. But the question most people ask is the same. What about the customs duty?

Well to be frank with you, anything you have bought abroad and are bringing into India is chargeable as far as custom duties go except some duty free items like IT Products (Digital Camera, LCD Monitors,RAM,Processors etc., confirm the list though).

Seasoned ebay sellers and other online stores try to ensure that loyal Indian customers aren??t forced to shed customs at all. Remember you don??t need an IEC number to import stuff for personal use.

Here is what most companies do so that you don??t have to pay customs for importing stuff into India :

1. They mark the product as a gift on the customs declaration form of the package. This is illegal by the way , but there is no way to detect whether the thing is a gift or not. Unless the other person leaves an invoice inside the so called gift

2. Even after declaring the commodity as a gift, Indian customs will still charge it if the price is above Rs.10000 , so these ebay sellers under-declare the value of goods. This is a double edged sword, as if the product is stolen it would mean that you would not get the right price from insurance, so this can lead to losses.

Now both these steps do save duty to the importer, but you should realise they are probably illegal and be ready for consequences. Also keep in mind the more expensive the courier, the more closely the customs will examine your package. They know that EMS and DHL aren??t used for low value items, hence these packages are scrutinised more than others. On the same time Airmail and Registered Airmail is more prone to theft especially in India.

Now the fact is most genuine importers don??t mind paying a little duty on the products they are importing into India, but the customs are so notorious that most try to circumvent them, because they know if their package is caught by Indian customs, there will be a lot more paying up to do! Also if you are importing in bulk and you don??t have an IEC, you are in big trouble.

Another question people have is what happens if the customs find your item chargeable, dont worry no one will send you to jail unless you are importing prohibited stuff. If your item is found chargeable, your package will be seized by customs and you will be sent a letter usually asking you for purpose of import etc. Be truthful while replying. If customs are satisfied with your reply, then they will calculate the appropriate customs duty and send the postman to your home who collects the duty and delivers your shipment. As easy as that. There is a small fine too for mis-declarations. Frequent mis-declarations will get you in trouble though. So be on the right side of the law. In case you have questions, feel free to ask via comments. Also this is not legal advice, hire a lawyer if you need legal advice.
Vinay, with positive feedback score of 220, you have good experience in handling eBay sellers....that's great.

At customs office box is opened for inspection, there are chances that even a well packed item get's damaged in handling.
There is no penalty for used item, custom fee is same for used & new item. You will be asked to produce the PAYPAL bill @ customs office, they calculate 36% customs on total bill that includes shipping & handling, in your case that may exceed $500. Customs will have the original paperwork with bill copy sent by the seller, so they can determine the value.

Recently i received a Telescope objective lens (vintage item, hard to get) in a damaged condition though it was packed well. At post office make sure to open the consignment in front of postal authorities for damages (ig u get it through USPS). Please insure your item for $500, in case of damage or theft, insurance will come in handy.....

I had a bad experience with eBay, seller sent a non working Yamaha CA-810 amplifier, for this eBay did nothing to solve the problem. Hope you get your item in good condition, anyway all the best & please let us know when you receive the unit.


Thanks for the advice on packing and shipping. Even though Seller is expert in shipping these TT turntables, I will ensure he packs it well.

I am OK to pay customs duty, but will there be any peanlty for importing this used TT (as it would be difficult for customs to determine its value / price)

Please share your experiences on customs for this kind of items
wow, all this seems like an awful lot of red tape to cut through. is it still worth it importing TTs and other audio equipment, considering the risk involved? and do the same rules and regulations apply if a person carries 2nd hand equipment back to india himself, after purchasing abroad?
Bumping up my old thread to provide an update and further help required on setting up my Dual turntable.

I got this cleared from customs after lot of hassles and ended up paying penalty and duties. They considered this antique items and imposed penalty.
I had no choice but to pay for these.

This has been sitting in my rack for months now as I did not find time and also my friend who was expected to help me setup this, is out of town.

I am in Delhi and need help from someone local in Delhi, who can help me configure and setup this unit. This is Dual 1229 unit.
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