mac with snell


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Aug 29, 2007
Hey guys
Mcintosh and Snell has been bought by DM Holdings.Anyone has an experience of Mcintosh Ma6900 integrated with Snells c7.Are they really worth the price?
anyone having any experience either mcintosh amplifier or any kind of snell speakers?
though they are small manufacturers but they have a huge following amongst premium audio brands.
i dont know about the pairing. But as companies both are topnotch very reputed mac in amps, snell in speakers. Google will find you numerous detailed pro reviews which may help.
When I was shopping for speakers a few years ago, I auditioned B&W N804 using Macintosh int amp (I think 6900). They sounded great. In fact, the dealer then connected it to drive the N800 and the sound was top notch. It was too expensive for me and so I did not buy it. Mcintosh amps have good resale value in the used market and they are rock solid. In audiogon and ebay you can see decades old macintosh being sold.
I have never listened to Snell. So, can't comment on them. AFA value for money, it is entirely up to you to decide.
Snell used to be a very big name in speakers many many years ago. in fact the current Audionote speakers are fully inspired by them( and have the rights to the design now).

but am really not sure of them these days..hardly hear about them other than in HT. In fact it went pretty down in the Audio chain after the death of Peter Snell, the founder who is one of the giants of audio

So while Macintosh is a definite thumbs might be able to do better than a snell...but of course if you like the combo and feel its moneys worth no reason not to go for it.
Thanks guys,
The buzz is after the takeover both the esoteric brands are going to be marketed more aggressively, hence looking out for a good deal.
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