Marantz CD5001 Review


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Mar 27, 2008
Hi all
I came across this review of Marantz CD5001 CDP and thought to share it with you.
Wish all the AV magazines carry the review of any product this way. Its a great help for audiophiles who are looking out to go for an upgrade and for someone like me who is a wannabe audiphile and is slowly breaking into proper hifi stuff from the ordinary products

Here is the link
Marantz CD5001 Review
Ya well written with good details and pictures.
Very Good work shreekant/Soundsgreat. Many more reviews of various products expected from u! Good luck.
Very impressive Shreekant. Nice review.

Only pain was the over branding of the livecentral all across the snaps.
Nice review but I don't quite agree to the conclusions of the review. I think its a pretty pathetic CD player. Sounds very very congested with a bit of mid bass bloat and lacks detail in the treble region. The Cambridge Audio budget players are a much much better deal.

Have to agree that soundsgreat has put in a lot of effort for the review.
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First of all thank you all so very much for liking my effort :D ! Well I tried as hard as I could to be different and unique !

Rikhav thanks for bringing it notice of the forum guys !

Dinyaar Will surely do ! Thanks a ton !

Unleash,it was done to safe gaurd my exlcusive pics (which I've taken) from being misused :p ! that was intention ! but anyhow since it didn't go as intended i've altered the pics ! Hope its ok with you now ;) !!

Reign first of all thanks for appreciating my efforts !! I've heard the CA 340 which is in the same budget and I kinda felt that in some departments Marantaz does a better job and overall a tad bit better then 340,its my personal opinion ! again where I heard the CA and this since is not the same I could be wrong !

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I've never heard of CD5001, hence cannot agree / disagree with any of the comments :), but the efforts you put in, how you structured & the details - definitely need to be really appreciated

A quality review, well done Sreekanth!

Expecting more reviews soon ;) from you

Sunil Thanks a ton buddy as usual ! well I too hope to do some in the near future ! but who's giving the stuff needs to be known :p !!

Anyways thanks for the support and all the feedback in the past and now !!

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