McIntosh Dealer in India.


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Apr 8, 2009
Dear All,

Any McIntosh dealer in India and what will be the approximate price of McIntosh Integrated Amplifier MA 6300 and CD Player MCD 301 in India.

checked on their website and no one listed for india. so doesnt seem to be so - unless they havent updated their website in a while or someone is bringing it in through the gray market
McIntosh is owned by D&M holdings (Denon /Marantz). You can speak to one of the official distributors to source a pair. They might have suggestions.
I dont think there was an Indian DISTRIBUTOR of Mc but MArbin colah was importing them a while ago. He has since stopped and to the best of my knowledge there is NO PLACE in india one can buy MC currently.

There are talks by 2 guys to set up a link with the Co but both are at the initial stages and i have no clue when (if at all) the brand will be available.

I think Mc is a premium brand and high-end hi-fi.

The amps go for 5000-20000 $$...

Even used Mc on ebay are above 2-3k $.

Deba lucky u!! What is ur budget!!
I think you can easily travel to Dubai/Singapore/Malaysia/HK/BKK and procure it!!

Just fid where the dealeships are!! I rem seeing one in Dubai!

In Mumbai I saw one pre power with my dealer around 3-4 years back -not in very good visual condition it was @ 25 k and dealer was tellikng it is Distress Sale- Ridiculously cheap!!
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