Mezzo 2 Vs B&W 685


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Sep 29, 2008
I was planning to setup a stereo setup I have auditioned the Mezzo 2's and found that to be too good for the price and I am planning to audition the B&w's by this weekend I am planning to hook it up to a CA 640 series CDP & amp or Marantz 6002 series cdp & amp.

I found the Mezzo 2 price to be around 27k + tax in blr and the 685's price to be 41k + tax.

But yesterday I found out in the October edition of Whathifi mag that the price of B&W 685( around 380 pound sterling) is lesser than the Mezzo 2's(450 pound sterling).

So my doubt is whether the dealer for B&W is quoting an inflated price or is it really that much in India. I would also like to know the exact pricing of these, if any of you have any idea about it. and of course your opinion on the above said speakers.
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