Mini Theatre's article in 5th publication


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Nov 3, 2007
I am pleased to inform that my theatre is once again being covered by the media, already 4 magazines have covered it.

In my red theatre yesterday a leading publication's editor and a photographer were there, the interview and picture shoot of the theatre lasted for 2 hours, followed by interview via phone and e-mail.

The article should appear in 2 week's time.

I shall keep you posted.


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Remarkable achievement Vinay! you must be smiling now :). Don't forget to scan the article for us

Indeed it is remarkable achievement, in Indian history it has never happened that a home theatre is covered for 5 times in different magazines.

The photographer who did the shoot, was saying that he has seen many celebrities houses, but he has never seen something like this, and to the primary he was saying that no one has a dedicated theatre room.

I will surely scan the article once it comes, i want to show it to all the members at this forum, it gives me great joy.

Actually the editor has given me a copy of the article, would you like to see it? If yes, than i will private message you the same.

Hi Vinay
Congrats from my side as well
I have not been that lucky to read the earlier articles published, so if you can let me know which publication is going to publish, i will buy the magazine

Thanks a lot for your wishes.

Please go to forum, near about at the bottom you will have community centre, over there you can see my audio/video set up, go to this page, there you will find all the 4 magazine articles, in-fact you will find many pictures of my mini theatre when it was in the making and indeed you can see many pictures of my red theatre in home page at blogs.

If you will have any problem in tracing them, than please let me know.

As soon as the article appearing date is set, i shall let you'll know.

Thank you very much.

To : Sounsgreat

Thank you very much for the congratulations.

As and when you are in Mumbai, please do come over. I have seen your several posts and thread, you are very organized.

The editor has given me a copy of the article, would you like to see it? If yes, than i will private message you the same.

For that matter, if anyone wants to see my theater, please do let know.

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Thanks for the Invitation and for thinking of me as organised !!

Please do send it,would love to read it ! btw which magazine ?

To : Soundsgreat

I have private messaged you the article in 2 parts, please acknoweldge receipt with your respective comments.

I will let you know the publication details later.


I am pleased to share with the members that today (13-July-08) "Sunday Times Of India", Mumbai, edition has covered my home theatre, the article is a big one.

I hope the members will read it, and post me some replies.

Hi Vinay
It will be great if you can scan the article and add that as an attachment in the thread.

Also would recommend you to do the same for the web page review earlier so that, they will always remain here in the forum for newcomers and older members to cherish,

If tomorrow the article is removed form the web page or something else comes up, others will not be able to view,

For longevity, its better to attach them to the thread for everyone to view
what do u feel ? :)
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Vinay, you must be a movie / media man soon if the popularity of your Cinema room goes this way! Make sure you have enough security systems installed in your apartment :D

For longevity, its better to attache them to the thread for everyone to view
what do u feel ? :)

Dushie: the article is posted in this thread (last post)
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Hi Vinay

Read today's TOI, great article. Your dedication, perfection and achievement has been fully highlighted. Congratulations! and hope to read many more.
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Congrats Vinay,
yet another feather in your cap. this time tech2 has covered the theatre and Siddharth seems pretty much awed by the establishment Vinay has got in there.

Congrats once again

Hi Vinay,

I read the article about your theater published in The Times of India today. Congratulations!!!

Prasad Redkar.
Dear Members,

The article which has appeared yesterday in times of india, about my mini theatre, the link is as following. You can go on the last page of this link, where the article is scanned.

One of my well wisher, has scanned the article for me.

I am having some problems, that is why i am not replying to any posts, please consider to bear with me.

The red entertainment room

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Congrats Vinay
Read the article yesterday. They have highlighted your passion in a very good way.
Excellent Vinay, Here is the article that was published in the TOI!


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