Minimal budget upgrade required


Nov 18, 2009
New Delhi (South)
Looking for a minimal budget upgrade.

I have been using this setup for the past 12 years, and have mostly been content:
AVR: Denon AVR-590
Speakers: Energy Take 5 Speaker Set
Sub: Polk Audio PSW110

Current TV: LG 55" OLED C8PTA (might upgrade to the 2021 C1 55" at some point for the HDMI 2.1 / 120Hz magic).

My AVR is acting up and is at the stage where I may need to replace it if the repair isn't possible (or is too costly), thus thinking of an upgrade.

One point to note is that how I use my AVR has changed dramatically. When I first got the system, I had multiple inputs (Playstation, TataSky, Chromecast, HTPC etc.) going into it and I was using the AVR as my primary interface.
Now, with Smart TVs etc. the role has reversed. Now everything (Netflix etc.) is in the Smart TV. We don't use satellite TV at all and have disconnected it. The only device that is external is the Playstation 5, which too I plug directly into the TV (which will probably continue to make sense given HDMI 2.1 / 120Hz complications etc.). For the audio, I have connected an optical out from the TV to the AVR.
All this is to say that the AVR is only used to change the volume.

I don't like Soundbars, but basically I don't need anything fancy in the AVR as it's essentially only the 'medium' between my TV and the 5.1 speakers. (I just need something to plug my TV into for audio only and connect to 5.1 speakers).

In order of priority, I would want to first upgrade AVR > Speakers > Sub.
Should I repair the AVR or buy a new one? (The service person said they will have to look at it before they can quote the charges - so no clue what that would be).

What options do you recommend?
So I sent the AVR to the authorized Denon service center, and they said 3 ICs have blown out, and the cost of their replacement and servicing is Rs. 7,800. Exchanging it for a new one is not an option as this unit was procured in the US. Guess I have no option.
Yeah, that's what I think too. If these repairs give it a few more years' life, it would be worth it. Though I honestly don't 'need' to upgrade, because the current funcationality is sufficient. As I said,I am just using the AVR to take the audio out from the TV (via optical) and play it onthe 5.1 speakers.
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