Mirage speakers : Nano-Sat any good?


May 15, 2008
Does anyone have any experience with Mirage Nano-Sat 5.1 ? How good are these speakers they look awfuly small, Anywhere i can get an audition in Bangalore?

I had auditioned them one and half years ago. They were good for movies for their price and okay for music. When I listened the speakers were paired with a high end Marantz receiver.

However, I listened to them on my trip to Mumbai. Check with "http://www.riverainternational.com" if they have any dealers in Bangalore.

Prasad Redkar.
Mirage produces a fine range of speakers. Though I thought they are a bit on the costlier side. But still worth auditioning.

Rivera International is the distributor. They are based out of Mumbai. You would be lucky if you can find a dealer in Blore. I spoke to them lastly about a year and a half ago and they weren't much willing to have representation in other cities.
Mirage are good speakers for the money I auditioned them at Reliance Digital the place mentioned above

They got a pretty decent sub which handles the low end I never found the small satellites to be lacking on anything .

Only gripe I have about them is that the imaging was a lil off they were paired with a lower end Onkyo receiver and a sony DVD player.

Of course if you go for bigger speakers you can get better imaging and it wud also cover the full frequency range as well but then it wud cost you more as well

The nano sat I auditioned where around 29k and I thought for hte money thye were good.

They got mroe expensive speakers as well. I thk this was their entry level.
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