Mission M32i or Wharfdale 9.1/9.2 for Denon 1610?


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Aug 18, 2009

Which BS will be better for denon 1610: Mission M32i or Wharfdale 9.1/9.2 ???
What is best price for these three speakers?

I had planned for Mission M34i FS and mission center as first stage for my Denon 1610.
But even after waiting for 2 months still m34i is not available. Hence I am planing of going ahead with BS first and later (6 months) get M34i FS and move BS to surround.

I am confused should i go for Mission, as i'll be getting M34i and Mission center (may be after 6 months). Or chose from wharfdale.
If i opt mission which one should i take m31i or m32i
If i opt Wharfdale which one should i take 91. or 9.2


Though i have not heard them together, lot of people on the forum has given the thumbs up to the Denon+Wharf combo.Since you are going to use the speakers for HT it is better to go with the 9.2s.They have better sound stage and more punch in the bass department.The 9.2s are hard to beat bookshelves
at their price point.

okay...i'm gonna offer a different opinion here...

Wharfies maybe better speakers but when paired with 1610, IMHO, they and missions would not sound very different. From a pure spcs PoV, the m32i would be (slightly) easier to drive for 1610 and let you have some reserve power for the demanding scene...

I read somewhere that the Denon's own speakers and Missions are made by the same ppl. so there maybe good chemistry between them as well...

I've heard m33i and found them ever so slightly bright but that maybe a desirable trait in HT for some...

aneeir here is using missions mv8 with his denon avr, might help you with first hand experience...
I found that 9.1 has got higher ratings/awards than 9.2, but in HiFiVision 9.2 is more talked about, why so???

I took mission as an option, since ill be getting m34i FS and mission center in future (if its available)....
I found that 9.1 has got higher ratings/awards than 9.2, but in HiFiVision 9.2 is more talked about, why so???

Well I own 9.2 and recommended 9.1 in another post yesterday :)

I think 9.1 beats the 9.2 despite the bass advantage it has ...

What is the best price for 9.1 and 9.2 in Bangalore??? and who is offering it???
Vector is one place i know for Wharfdale..
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