Mitashi dvd players

The Mitashi DVD Players are meant for entry level homes, for restaurants, buses and other commercial places where the quality of video and sound is not important. These players are just average in video display. For just 2000 more you can easily pick up a Pioneer that will beat the Mitashi hands down in all departments. The following extracts from Tech2Com summarises the player.

Tech2Com said:
In HD mode the image detail was better than average, though we encountered one major flaw that can be spotted from any angle or background. Technically known as Y/C delay, it occurs when the color bleeds out of its borders. The frames moved along fine, but clarity was not upto the mark. Jagged lines were visible in sections.

Simply put, it's the DVD player's job to account for this difference, and the Mitashi did an okay job of this, and the crazy fast motion scenes in the movie were depicted with decent conviction. But some flaws were there. For a player in this value segment, I suppose one can't expect too much in this department.

So the value of a player such as the Mitashi depends upon what you expect from it. If you looking for pristine pictures and excellent sound, look elsewhere. If you just want a DVD player that is inexpensive and will play anything, then I suppose the Mitashi will deliver.

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