Movie/Music Speakers for Yamaha Rx-v459


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Nov 13, 2008

My first post in this forum. Did my initial research but didnt find answers to my specific doubts and hence putting my first post.

I have a Samsung 32" LCD 720p, Yamaha Rx-v459, a Sony DVD player and a Ipod Nano.

I currently have a set of custom made speakers which are good but cannot handle the power that the amp gives.

I watch movies 70% and hear music 30% of the time.

Movies would be action/drama/sci fi (Gladiator,lord of the rings) and music would be varied from Hindi General to Dire straits and u2.

I would like to buy first front tower speakers and subs and then go for the rear surround so I can switch from music to movie mode.

Music source is typically ipod or CD's. Movie source is DVD.

Current budget would be around 30k. Looking at changing the source later for movies. Also, is it simpler to just buy a 5.1 speaker set right now. My room is 18*12 living room and can accomodate tower speakers but may have difficulty with bookshelves in the front (due to sofas).

I have tried the polk audio montor series 50/60 and they were the ones I was looking at, but post this site, I have my doubts.

Any advice on any parts of the setup would be most welcome?
Is your budget 30,000 for just now or for the whole 5.1?

If it is for just now, you should look at floorstanders from companies such as Wharfedale (9.5/9.6), Mordaunt Short(Avant 9.6i). These will cost you between 20 to 25K per pair. You can then build the complete 5.1 system with matching bookshelves, centre channel, and subs from tne same company. These will serve for movies and music well. Wharfedales and MS are some of the more popular brands in this forum.

Take a audition of the Polk Monitor 40 series also. You will be able to assemble a complete 5.1 within roughly 45K. You can also assemble a complete 5.1 with bookshelves from either Wharfedale or MS. Of course you have said you cannot use a bookshelf because of sofas. Can you see if you can mount them on the wall?

The third option is to go in for a 5.1 sub satellite set. Some of the better models are KEF 1005 at 44,000 and Mission Cinema 30 at around 43,000.

What is the doubt you have regarding the Polks?

The budget is for now. However, since the primary use is movies, will it make sense to go for the Wharfedales and MS floorstanders as they wouldnt give a surround experience,right?

The doubt regarding Polk was that pre-visiting this forum I was looking at Monitor 50 FS which looked and sounded nice. Now, post this forum the other speakers appear to be a better choice. Is it so clearcut? I would assume one would need to hear with your amp and the kind of music/movies one listens to,right?

How much budget does one need to keep for the wiring?