Moving my Musical Fidelity A5 Amp to Mumbai from Australia - voltage issues?


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Apr 6, 2008
Bandra (W)
Hi, I moved to Bandra a month or so back from Sydney Australia and my Musical Fidelity A5 amp will be arriving by ship shortly, plus my much loved Focal speaker, NAD CD player and a few boxes of CDs. Can't wait. However, I am concerned about the power here and want to make sure of two things - first and foremost no damage occurs to the amp when i plug it in, and how do i get the best out of the amp with power here. I went to a hi-fi shop at In Orbit but they did not have any suggestions. Also went to the Jamo shop in Bandra - again no help.
So where do I start - can I replace the Australian plug to an Indian one? Where do i take the amp to get that done? Or can I just use one of those international adaptors - which always seem to spark whenever I plug in my phone charger, ipod and Apple Mac.
Should I use some sort of power regulator/surge protector. And if yes where do i get these from. Any suggested shops and brands.
Appreciate any help you may provide. Thanks
I'm sure the Musical Fidelity A5 amp comes with removable cable. Buy a new cable. Else, cut the aussie plug off and put a standard 3 pin 5A plug on. You could do this at home, but if your're not confident take it to any shop that sells electricals (plugs, switches, wires, etc.). Don't use an adaptor - I am yet to see one that has a tight fit.

Australia has 230V 50 Hz. which is the same as India, so voltage is not an issue. What you should have done is bought a power line conditioner in Australia & brought it with your equipment.
Many manufacturers make them in a very wide range of budgets, but I don't specifically know where you will get one in Mumbai.

There are some equipment distributors on this forum who may be able to tell you where to buy from. Digimax sells Monster Cable in India and may have a power conditioner. Digimax

Another option for your setup is to use an UPS (APC India)
thanks awedeophile, some good options there. time to do some shopping now. appreciate your advice. If anyone has a recommendation for a distributor in Mumbai it would be much appreciated.
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