MP3's vs CD

Anil kumar

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Nov 3, 2006
There has been much debate on the sound quality of MP3's vs the 16-bit linear PCM (CD's) most of the MP3's that are avilable is encoded below 128Kbps. They sound too degraded compared to CD's. This is audible in a good audiophile setup. Most MP3's are more fatiguing to the ears during extended listening. It's good to listen on a portable devices like ipod or MP3 players. MP3 encoded at 192Kbps is more than adequate for listening with a computer or in a car.

For critical listening on a HiFi setup, it's the CD that sounds better compared to MP3. A compressor is a piece of hardware or software that makes a audio signal more even, so that the loudest parts of the signal are lowered and quietest parts raised, in the process there is a light boost in low, upper midrange and treble. A 16-bit linear PCM CD holds uncompressed audiofile data. A similar situation is seen even in Video files. Uncompressed video files are captured at 4mb per second (DV format). Compression is applied based on the need mpg1(Vcd- lo quality) mpg2 (DVD-medium qualty) and wmv (very lo quality). Always there is a difference between un-compressed video and compressed DVD.

MP3 format is the most popular format for downloading and storing music. By eliminating portions of the audio file that are essentially inaudible, mp3 files are compressed to roughly one-tenth the size of an equivalent PCM file while maintaining good audio quality. MP3 format is recommended for music storage. It is not that good for voice storage. Many people confuse Mp3 as an open format, but it isn't.

Wav standard audio file format used mainly in window PCs. Commonly used for storing uncompressed CD-quality sound files, which means that they can be large in size . Wave files can also be encoded with a variety of codecs to reduce the file size (mp3 codecs). Now better formats like SACD, DVD audio and XRCD's are avilable. So MP3 is good to listen on a portable devices like ipod or MP3 players & not on audiophile setups.
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