Mr Ashoke Mondal - Technician extraordinaire- Kolkata


Nov 13, 2014
For FMs residing in Kolkata - Mr Ashoke Mandal is a familiar name since more than a decade . Time and again , he has been the saver of high end gear where all so called ‘official support ‘ has given up , or couldn’t even attempt to understand the problem.

To my knowledge, he has repaired a Nakamichi tape deck almost given up for good for a Kolkata FM , has done the silver rewiring of a Technics 1200mk2 tonearm resulting in new life of the TT , making another well known FM very happy till date , for another FM he has repaired a Yamaha AS 2100 which had gone into protection mode.

Let me be clear - I’m in no way related to him.

I had a disc reading issue on my vintage Pionner PD M50 Made in Japan CD player which he managed to repair overnight. His professionalism is something to learn from - he gives clear cut answers as to what is possible and what not, how much would a job cost and whether it would be worth the spend or not.

He’s from the old school generation of extremely competent experts in electronics we in Kolkata are proud to have around. He’s especially unbeatable in Turntable equipment, if he says something ain’t possible- it means it isn’t possible, period.

Felt like sharing this with the wider community.

He can be reached at 9051445525.
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Heard of this analogue wizard in this forum and also from our adorable Kolkata FMs. Surely we must be proud of Mr. Ashoke Mondol as he is specially expert in reviving TTS which even in their hayday ,back in70's hardly had so many knowledgeable technicians who could breath in a new life to a dying table.
Yes absolutely he has restored many TTs back to original condition, I’ve come to know through word of mouth.
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