MTNL's multi-play & HDTV services


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Sep 23, 2007

Saw this news today so thought to share it with all ! well finally I think folks have woken-up and trying to do something :rolleyes:!!

Though all our DTH operators say digital and what not :eek: !! we are still yet to see a real digital service with HDMI or Co-Ax outputs :p! but none the less here is the scoop on the upcoming HDTV service by MTNL !!

MTNL-Aksh tie-up launch FTTH-based multi-play & HDTV services in India.

MTNL and Aksh Optifibre announced the launch of ??Fibre To The Home?? (FTTH) based multi play and high definition television (HDTV) services. Considered to be first of its kind for India, the FTTH concept would replace the traditional copper lines for last mile connectivity.

The tie-up claims that with the introduction of FTTH for last mile connectivity, India has now entered the same club as China, Singapore, Japan and UK where predominantly the last mile connectivity is fibre based.

??MTNL believes in providing the latest technology at cost effective prices. We are working closely technology partners like Aksh, to meet the challenge of providing fibre based solutions to all homes in our area of operation. This fibre technology will enable us to bring faster higher-quality, high-definition content and more interactive capabilities to our subscribers than any other platform which exists today. This also places MTNL in the company of leading Telecom operators of the world" said Shri. R.S.P Sinha, Chairman & Managing Director, MTNL.

Dr. Kailash Choudhari, Managing Director, Aksh Optifibre Ltd commenting on the launch said ??The constraint placed by the ??last mile? copper wire from providing multi play and high definition tele-viewing services will be removed by the availability of Fibre To The Home connectivity. This will allow the end users who have invested in High Definition televisions to enjoy the benefits of their investment in the latest technology. Aksh is proud to announce that Multi Play and High Definition TV is no more a distant dream but an Indian reality.?

News taken from here MTNL HDTV

Hope this really comes up fast :) !!

Great news for hdtv.

But more importantly does FTTH also give us better internet ?
Direct fiber to home internet with atleast 10 mbps speeds and dynamic ip's like in Canada and U.s ?
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