Multiplex setup - Audio - what , how etc


Nov 13, 2014

After almost 9 months tentatively ventured out to watch Nolan’s Tenet in multiplex (Cinemax ) Kolkata.
These 9 months were also a period in which I had spent the longest time with my modest stereo and HT setup (mainly playing PS4) , no thanks to the pandemic.

Thus , watching Tenet in the theatres raised questions in my mind completely unrelated to Nolan’s high concept time inversion and reverse entropy thingamajiggs, questions I never bothered much about earlier. Namely they were :

- What kind of digital projection systems is being used in these multiplexes ? How do they achieve almost uniform brightness throughout such a wide viewing angle ?

- What and how many speakers are being used ? I could see no ceiling speakers , so isn’t Atmos used in Multiplex (why am I paying money for then ? )

- What codecs are used here ? Is it something proprietary to multiplexes or the normal consumer ones like DTS X or DD + ( or their latest avatars )?

- Lastly , and crucially , what kind of amplification is being used ? How much power are we talking about here ?

Any kind soul knowledgeable in this matter can care to enlighten without too much technical jargon , I would be most obliged to.

Would be glad to know the answers of the op's questions as I am also eager to know about the audio out put in a multiplex.
Treated Room as others said and powerful amps which can touch 2 ohm loads easily. With more power , micro details are output with precision. Finally a Lossless original Master Movie print as source.
For me, one of the best experiences I had was in JAM Ghaziabad and they had installation from Martin Audio.
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