My dilema on selecting HT speakers


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Nov 14, 2009
Dear Friends,

This is the first thread that I am starting. Being an AV enthusiast, I have been a very silent spectator in this forum & gaining lot of knowledge from all the experts out here.

I am currently renovating my house & am planning to have a dedicated 5.1 Home theater speakers.
My current set up is
AV Receiver - Kenwood AVR "KRF-V6520" (100W x 5 @ 8 ohms)
Front Speakers - Wharfedale 8.1
Centre & Surround speakers - Pioneer
DVD player - Onkyo with 5.1 out

Since my AV receiver does not have optical OR coaxial input, I have to upgrade to a DVD player with 5.1 out.

I will be anyway buying a new 32" LCD as well.

My main interest is in music than movies, but my wife & daughter love movies, hence I may add a dedicated stereo set up later.

Since the hall, where I am planning to install is small (about 150sqft.), I am planning to use only satellite speakers.
I did an audition of the following speakers. Since I am a noob, I may not be able to perfectly describe the experience I had.

Paradigm Cinema 70
These were driven through Denon AVR 1910. These were very good speakers & not bright at all. I could enjoy the film experience greatly, but was not upto the mark of procinema 800. The price quoted was around Rs. 39k without any negotiation.

Definitive Technology Procinema 800
These were driven through Denon AVR 2310. The performance was splendid. I could feel each & every sound in the starting of movie "Casino Royale". I simply found that this was the best based on the sound effects. The price quoted was very high around Rs. 67k without any negotiation. The sub went really low.

I had also auditioned a basic Polk audio HT speakers, but they were very bright & I could not stand them for long.

I plan to audition Energy Take 5 speakers costing around Rs. 39k in a couple of weeks.

I may be able to spend upto a maximum of Rs. 50k for the speaker system.

I have already bought 30m of 16 guage Monster cable for speakers.

I would like your opinion in suggesting any other satellite HT speakers, below Rs. 50k. I have time till end of Feb to decide on the speaker system.

Due to budget constraints, I will not be upgrading my AVR for the next 2 to 3 years atleast. Based on the speaker cost, I will decide which DVD player to go for. Currently I am looking at CA DV99 and CA 540D as options. If I go for CA 540D, then I can use the same for music as well & I need to buy only an Integrated amplifier.

I would appreciate if you can suggest / guide me in selecting a good HT speaker set up.
Listen to Q-Acoustics 5.1 package, it should be under 50k, and see if any of the dealers can string together a Wharfedale 5.1 set within your budget.
Thanks Skumar,

Wharfedale will be huge speakers, if I go for 9.1 based solution. I will try to audition the Q-Acoustics 5.1 package as well as definitive technology procinema 600 as well, which could be within my budget.
Thanks spirovious, I will look at Mission also. Since I will be going for a full HD 32" LCD, I think the upscaling done by the TV should suffice. May be I am wrong here, but would this be such an issue for a 32" LCD?

Any way I have not finalised on the DVD player yet. Only after finalising the speakers, I will finalise on DVD player. Would a Philips DVD player with 5.1 suffice? The philips would cost me only around Rs. 4k to 5k.
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