my polk subwoofer prob?


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hello bros.

tonight when i'm playing some bass heavy cds i found that my right sub produce very little sound as compared to left sub

so checked evrything of it from volume dail to automatic calibration but still got very much less sound i even turn the volume to max and very little sound too

so is it something wrong with subwoofer

should i contact to my dealer

and how to tacle it coz i just phoned profx service centre in the evening to delhi and they said they call me in 10 minutes but no reply and then again i call him and he said he already talked to his manager of service centre and he will contact my polk dealer

then i call my dealer and asked him is he received any call from profx service centre he said no so i said ok we'll wait for tommorow then

if no calls goin to him tommorow from profx then i think or i must do is i take my sub to my dealer and ask him to replace it with new one is it right thing to do
switch the subs, see which one works, switch the cables, try different inputs etc. try to isolate the problem.
If you have tried switching the subs, including their respective positions (i.e LEFT/RIGHT) and still one particular Sub is giving the problem, then the definitely that particular sub needs to be checked by qualified person.

P.S I have only one sub, and at some location it sounds punchy, however at other locations it suddenly looses punch. I believe that such situation has already been ruled out in your switching excercise.

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