My Review Of LG DV388


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Nov 20, 2008
hi! this is regarding a doubt of mine. I have an LG DV388 (HDMI enabled dvd player). I bought it 2 months back and chose it over philips 5996 because the philips one wasnt available in the market at all and moreover the customer service quality of philips isnt upto the mark. thats why i chose LG DV388. However one month into the purchase and I'm already facing issues:

1. LG does not have auto mode when it comes to ntsc/pal. i have an lcd and it can handle both ntsc and pal. so its a real difficulty changing ntsc and pal modes for every dvd and divx videos i play! as you know playing ntsc discs in pal mode is the worst thing you can do unless you have an awesome converter which is hardly what LG has.(although most of the lower range LG models have the auto mode! what were these guys thinking? would lower range dvd player customers have LCD and higher range customers have CRT??? its either complete foolishness or complete cheating on the part of LG.)

2. i havent had any issues with playability factor.

3. i didnt know lg had usb 1.1. it wasnt on their website, or on the dvd player cover!

4. Lg customer service is good, infact awesome but completely useless. i called the customer care guys twice and both the times they said they didnt know about PAL/NTSC!!! what the hell is wrong with the company? why make dvd players when you dont know how to service them? (infact the service guys were too involved with showing me how wonderful the dvd player was, without acknowledging the problem! what the hell is customer service for if you arent helping out the customers with what they need!)

5. i really miss the firmware upgrade feature of philips (i earlier had philips dvp3146/94, and i had upgraded it twice!), so if there's any problem with my LG player, there's no way the company can help me out!

6. the full screen features of LG DV388 are BAD! real bad. there's just one option in the 16:9 mode. so there's no way you can modify the size of the video being screened! no pan scan, no full screen, no original, no settings at all in the 16:9 mode! (infact my bravia lcd does more with changing screen sizes than my dvd player! what a shame!) all these infirmities, or at least any details of specifications weren't mentioned on the cover of LG dvd player or on their site. so i had to blindly trust the company for its reputation. and how mistaken i was...

7. i recently heard that dvp5996 is coming to philips arena in our city. and its price is around 5k. its a complete loss for me coz i'll have to throw away my lg dvd player which is just a few months old! but i guess one has to acknowledge the fact that good things come at a price. (pioneer isnt available over here, so i had to rule out that option)

and i vow never to buy an LG product again....ever...complete cheaters these people are.

(i have a philips 5.1 channel analog home theatre and it was serviced within a week, although after a few phone calls to the company. but if anyone's thinking philips customer service is bad, maybe u're right. but its not useless. philips delivers whatever they promise but LG completely falters. i am devastated by the lackluster attitude by the LG people. I hope they realise what they're doing to the customers before its too late.)
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have had similar experiences with Sony/Samsung and with Whirlpool (out of place here) for a washing machine.
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