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Apr 24, 2009
hello all,

here is my set up. for the first time i have ventured into some serious equipment but still an entry level only.. posting some snaps here. previously i used some locally made stuff but i experienced real sound when someone played Denon AVR 1909 with Jamos for me. i was blown away. so decided to go for a good system.

Using Yamaha RxV 361 as amplifier, NX audio PS 6W as main speakers.
the older locally made amp is being used as sub amp ( sub pre out from yamaha to input of that amp. crossover frequency 60Hz). two locally made boxes (not in picture) with one 10" woofer in each being used as passive subs. CD Player (Aiwa-sony, Co-axial out)

i am really really loving my music now. In process of upgrading cables and speaker wires now. Next purchase will be Mission M34 or M35 towers whenever possible (money and kids :))

For video, i am using PC as source, Nvidia gforce 9400T graphics card, DVI interface. monitor is Viewsonic W2235M. Using onboard sound card (asus motherboard) for audio through PC. have a look.

all comments and questions are wellcome!

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congrats,enjoy your setup.wishin you years of blissful sure once you decide to go in for the missions,the sound will only get better!!cheers
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