my simple setup...


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Jul 24, 2008
I have -
1) An Onkyo SR 705 - used as processor/preamp
2) Harman Kardon HK 3490 - the amp for the front speakers
3) Fatman iTube
4) Rega P1
5) PS3 and PS2
6) VU 42"
7) Dali Ikon 6
8) Custom speakers with a 15" Fostex woofer, horn loaded driver and horn style tweeters
Pics are attached.

I also have a Yamaha M-80 but in storage, I prefer the sound of the HK to that of the Yamaha... not that the M-80 is not good.
In fact to buy something like that (spec-wise) new, right now you would have to spend approx INR 1.5L to 2L or more.
But then sound quality like taste is subjective...each his own!

I have started in this hobby about a year ago and while happy am not yet fully satisfied with my system. My future upgrade plans are...
Short term...(within 6 months)
1) Denon 2310
2) Refurbishing of the custom speakers - new wood/polishing etc.
3) SET tube amp (not decided which one)
4) Phono preamp
5) Ipod/Iphone dock - probably Onkyo ND-S1

Long Term... (1 to 1.5years)
1) Sunfire Cinema Grand Amp
2) Cyrus 8XPd

I am happy with my current setup but that worm keeps wriggling in the back of my mind - it can get better ... sigh ....

Thanks for looking :)


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2) Refurbishing of the custom speakers - new wood/polishing etc.

As part of the refurbishing, if you can replace the rollers under the speakers with spikes or even solid rubber feet, I am sure you will find a improvement in sound.

I know ... but then it would be a major pain to move... one box weighs over 50Kgs.

I am trying to figure out a lever, wheeled platform kinda thingy so that when I have to move the bigboys I can do it easily. Then I'll put in spikes or something.
The custom speakers ... I had done a A/B between the speakers and the Ikon6s using the same source and amp.

The custom speakers turned out to be more sensitive and clearer with less boom to the bass. They are very tolerant and reproduce anything exactly as it is sent to them or so it seems.

Lately I have been using my Ipod and the Fatman iTube with them. That has a max output of 13W. With the knob turned only half way the sound comes out strong, clear and at neighbour bothering levels!
Thats some fat system there. Reminds me of Klipsch heresy's.
That Yamaha M-80 is a classic 80's amp.Class A and 850W peak in A/B.:eek:
That looks like a pretty potent setup! Do you listen to a lot of rock? I'm curious about your custom speakers and would appreciate if you could tell us a little more about the design...

The Fostex speakers look like the ones forum member Isar Nabi was trying to sell some time back.

Do you know what driver units are there in the cabinets?

The Fostex Lab Series drivers are excellent products.


The homebrewed speakers are looking awesome. Will you please furnish the details about the drivers, cost of drivers and its total cost.

I do listen to rock ... having a roommate,in college for 3 yrs, who was deep into heavy metal helps develop an appreciation of it :)

However my music tastes are eclectic and not genre specific... I am comfortable with rap, hip-hop, indi-pop, ghazals, qawwalis, english and hindi classical, indian film music... as long as the music or song has a good rhythm/melody/lyrics I am game for it.

Yes, I got the speakers from Isar, even the Yamaha M-80 came from him. Apparently the speakers are a Fostex design but I have been unable to find out which one.
Until I open the boxes up (something I am loathe to do as of now) I will not know more details.

Nice setup. From the pics, I guess the room is not treated acoustically, but various other home items as diffusers are helping your sound as well, i think.

Nice setup.

You should look into acoustic treatments for that room before you do ANYTHING else. Glass and stone walls is NOT a good acoustic environment. Also, the speakers don't seem to be setup properly...try repositioning if possible to get better imaging.

Right off the bat, those are things I would address in that system. That way you can really hear what the system sounds like and THEN move onto fixing things you don't like.
That Yamaha M-80 is a classic 80's amp.Class A and 850W peak in A/B.:eek:
+1 to that. This amp has a 250wpc continuous output!!! Gautamz, let me kow if you ever want to sell it...
And, I don't think upgrading from 705 to 2310 would be a quantum leap. It would be more or less a horizontal upgrade. This is my opinion. I am sure some would disagree.
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Acoustically treating the room is not possible right now. It's a rented apartment.
Maybe next year when I get my own pad...

The move from 705 to 2310 is simply to upgrade the processing capability - especially the video capabilities. May even settle for the 1910 if I can get all I want in it as a a/v processor and equipment hub.
I anyways plan to use a separate amp for the front speakers - so that I can split the setup for music and for HT.

Those fronts look like "cupboards", some of those old government types.. :eek:hyeah:

In any case, a very good setup.. but i would suggest you a larger screen!


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