Nad and PSB in Delhi


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Aug 6, 2006
Faridabad (suburb of Delhi)
Hi Guys

Checked out Lakozy, Delhi today at A-70, Lajpat Nagar started by forum members Ashish and Shitij. Neat little place they have there stocking Nad and PSB. Could not listen to the equipment properly but saw a nice stack of boxes so hopefully they have enough variety of equipment of these 2 brands ( I think they have Supra cables also but will confirm from them and post) ...
The demo room was great and had the NAD 326 Integrated as well as a pre- power combo (165 and 275) along with PSB Synchrony 2B and 2 Towers which sounded quite nice in the short time I was there.
Good place to go to for beginners in this hobby as well for hifi audio equipemt (some of the equipment was expensive so assuming they are hifi) as the NAD 315 was under Rs. 20,000 and there were some bookshelves under Rs. 20,000 again......You can call them at 9910041260 to check the exact prices....
Overall a great place to check out 2 of the most popular hifi brands in the world with a great demo room and friendly dealers.....
Have they opened.. Long time back, I spoke to Shitij when he told me that they are renovating the showroom and will let me know when its ready.. If it is, then i'm heading lajpat nagar this weekend.. got to listen to the PSBs as well..
Prashant, Great, now you have a place to audition Psb. If possible talk to Ashish and take your Marantz amp along.

Hope you remember me from before (sid's place..gurgaon)...back then Ashish and his partner were still getting the shop/showroom ready...I really wanted to freeze the yamaha deal with (sudhir) Sud98 but there are other offers with him which he's this news about Lakozy has come at the right time...I will have a chat with Ashish Kesharwani and most likely visit them on Sunday..

Hi Delhi Folks,

Pl post your impressions on Marantz + PSB combo.

PSB Image B-6 is on the purchase radar.

It would be great catching up on 21st again. We all can compare NAD and Marantz vis a vis the PSB speakers and post impresssions for the same on the forum.....
It would be nice if others can get different amps to test the PSBs with....

A humble request from my side - Can we compare cables this time to see how much of an impact they make on mid fi and hifi components?
Ashish comfirmed that they have Supra cables on offer but I would be grateful if others could get different cables....Also would be great if we could use different power cords also to see if they make any difference....

Thanks in advance...
@ Panditji ....

where exactly is this A-70 outlet ... Lajpat Ng Part 1 or Part 3? Might visit there today, provided parking my vehicle isn't an issue .. :p
Been there this evening ... a very nice set-up. Met a very humble and friendly gentleman @ Ashish.

I did sit through 2 auditions on PSB BS, Synchrony 2B, another with PSB Image and had a look at the Alpha. All carried out on NAD integrated amps. A pre+power NAD @ 150 W was also there. Ashish informed me its retail @ Rs. 50 + 85 K.

The cheapest speaker was @ 23k....... Well, am forgetting the prices now. Anyway, this is a high-end outlet where one can get a feel of top-of-the-line stuff.

And Murali ..... NAD + PSB is a very good match. The equips were all brand new ... so, might be sounding a bit brighter than usual. But, that how I like my music, unlike most.
@ Panditji ....

where exactly is this A-70 outlet ... Lajpat Ng Part 1 or Part 3? Might visit there today, provided parking my vehicle isn't an issue .. :p
Address guideline from Kamal ji:

The address is:-
A-70, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi (Near Bikanerwala and Opposite Jindal Diamonds).
Directions-Assuming you're driving towards Moolchand Hospital from the Oberoi hotel side, after crossing the Def Coly flyover,take the turning left into Lajpat Nagar just before the Lajpat Nagar metro station(there are turns to the left before this also but the stairs going up to the metro station are the marker for the turn you have to take).
Approx 50 odd mtrs down that road you will see the Jindal Diamonds signboard on your left.
Lakozy is bang opposite, on the other side of the road, at the end of small lane-there will be a small Lakozy signboard at the head of the lane.

ive had some experience with both these brands apart from the fact ive owned them

i regularly vivist NAD PSB shops ( more often the same shop stocks both since its from the same parent company called lenbrook)
even on my trip to Sing a spent a good 4 hours in the showroom

Though PSB and marantz are compatible and will work i personally find the NAD flavour soemthing else
It just cannot be replicated (it all depends on whether you like that flavour)

(if you ask around in shops at least in Singapore and KL they normally do advice the NAD PSB - well one way of seeing it is that the NAD amps are much more expensive than the marantz counterparts and have much higher reslae value on them too close to 60% over the marantz - so they probably advice them for profit)

coming to your specific need the B6
i can say that the B6 is the newer avatar of the B25
i recollect that out of all the PSBs ive heard across their range ( Alpha,Image imagine and Synchrony-) and the B25 was one of the few speakers that sounded good (in comparison with a NAD) with a marantz

hence you have hit the nail on the head if you are slecting the B6
Prashant, Great, now you have a place to audition Psb. If possible talk to Ashish and take your Marantz amp along.

Spoke to Ashish this morning and have scheduled an appointment for this evening.. Will def be carrying my amplifier and check out the PSB range..

Very excited!!
I dropped by for few mins. couldn't stay longer as I had my family with me and they had had a long day.
But the showroom is tastefully done, and there are 2 rooms. 1 dedicated to music and another to ht.
Once again, Ashish/ Sumit - hats off. The showroom looks wonderful. I will definitely spend a few hours in the meet.
A Visit to Lakozy Delhi. A70 Lajpat Nagar on Nov 21st.

On entering it has quite a small reception area all done tastefully in glass and wood paneling. It surely does look chic. On entering the listening room no.1 which they have dedicated exclusively for stereo, they have two racks populated with CD players from across the ranges starting from Rs 18k. On the Amplifier front they start from the 18-20k for the entry level integrated, they also have a pre- power combo as also the highly acclaimed digital amp. Sitting pretty on the top was a pretty TT. Of course all these equipment was from NAD and were looking very new.

The PSB speakers do not need any introduction to the people out here they nearly had the entire range of speakers. The starting price of the speakers were approx 12k-15k for the PSB Alphas and they have bookshelves from higher lines such as Imagine and Synchrony as well. They also have a nice little component system for approx 35k for the bedside from NAD quite nice for the uninitiated.

They also have a nice demo room catering to the home theater segment. It was in this room we heard the demo for the violet speaker system. Well the mits 3800 with its pseudo anamorphic projection was really great. Further the home theater speaker system starts at 45k.

At last in Delhi we have a place showcasing the entire range of NAD and PSB speakers where one should have an audition before taking a plunge into this highly captivating world of music and video.

All can contact Lakozy on these nos. 011-46838373, 9910041260, 9560322000
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I second that completely.....the best part is the availability of all the equipment on demo which is a luxury in India for audiophiles as they can now listen before buying at competitive prices ...
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