NAD C540 transport problem


Jun 24, 2009
has anybody face any serious issue with NAD 540 CDP transport or complete cd tray assembly?

with mine... its not ready to play anything,
it started with skipping first then jumping over tracks and finally keep mum.

well on another thread I did ask below question, posting same here again:
problematic candidates with me so far are:
NAD C540 and Sony CDP-491 (model called Pulse built in so called good DAC)

Though I like the SQ really great with NAD...

inclined to buy one more NAD c540 (pre owned 3 years old) as am getting good deal 8K. This is another question to seniors, should I buy or go with external DAC? My current HiFi setup is missing good player and I'm using iPod :(

(NAD 325BEE, MonitorAudio B4, Yamaha RXV450, Yamaha P-100 and 40" Samsung 6 series)
hay audio_engr, thanx for those perfect word...

I just wanted to hear from folks like you :) will follow your advice and...
but then what should I buy to replace C540? Should I go for DAC or another better CDP. I don't mind in buying DAC as I have good home PC and MacBook pro can be my dedicated hifi player

is nad c540 cd player matching with nad 2700 power and 1700 pre ?
Please recommend matching speaker system for 2700 power and 1700 pre combination
Hey, don't jump the gun on this one. from the symptoms you've mentioned, looks like your NAD's laser transport has given up on you. All you'll need to do is get it replaced. The NAD C540 by itself is a more than decent CDP and can give you many more years of service if you get it done up. I have another legend, the Marantz CD63 SE which had a similar problem and after some skipping problems, and eventually reject problems, the laser died and it would not read anything. Its now singing as good as new. Here's what I did:

The C540 uses a Sanyo laser transport, SF-P101N

Here is an example:
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