NAD v/s ARCAM Stereo Amps


Jul 8, 2008

Can anyone help on listing the differences between an ARCAM Alpha 5+ and NAD 304 Integrated Amplifiers.
Both of these are old models, UK make - should be good.
What I understood from the forums is that the ARCAM has more detailed sound, but lacks the punch in bass than NAD.
Please let me know the differences such as these.

I hear mostly Indian music. I'm thinking of getting one of these and a new bookshelf speaker.
I do remember reading a good review by Nishant Padhiar of AVMAX on an Indian brand called SPACE (Mumbai). That was a long time ago.
Do you guys recommend it? Let me know what you think...

Happy listening! :)
Hi, I doubt that somebody would have listened to both of these models. But here are my thoughts and I have not listened to either of them, but have listened to the more recent versions. Arcam Alpha series is considered to be very very warm. It was said that initially the CD players that came out were very harsh and hence to balance that out Arcam Alpha series used to really sound warm and made a nice pairing. If you go up, in the series of Alpha then the sound becomes more detailed still being warm. I would expect Alpha 5 to be more warm and less detailed compared to the NAD. But, the NAD you have mentioned is also a very old model and the NAD sound also has changed somewhat over years. This should be warm and bit punchy in the bass and detailed to some extent, but still towards a warm signature.
Anyway, these are very old models and I would definitely ask to be very careful on the quality of the product. Also, you haven't mentioned the prices but I am sure should definitely be less than 10k easily. Don't pay more. Since, you are talking specifically about these models, you know of somebody who has them, so go and audition. I would not recommend to pick these across cities without auditioning or inspecting the qualities.
In anycase, these are warmer products , so pick them only if u want them. Particularly, they might not work well for movies and dialogues.
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Thanks, that was very informative.
I think I will save more cash and go for the NAD C315BEE later :)

The ARCAM and NAD are available in Kochi for 7k and 5k respectively and I was on an impulse to get one of these.

I feel better now. thanks again.

Ah.. regarding the SPACE bookshelves...
Found it on a 2004 AVMAX magazine. The model reviewed was BK-6X
This bookshelf speaker was priced 7700/- and outperformed international brands at double this price. It had a value-for-money rating as 9/10

Anyways, that site now has home made Bose systems.
I have heard NAD C315bee and I liked it a lot. Infact thats my favourite for the starters. I was impressed by it more than NAD C352. While C352 is generally considered a better amp, I found that 315bee had that go and rock kinda quality which 352 didn't have. It was more mellow. So, if you can afford C315bee please go ahead for that than the others you have mentioned. Do pair it with a nice bookshelf though, particularly a bigger one.
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