Need a sub woofer...which one?


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Feb 22, 2007
This is my current setup:
CA 640CV2
CA 640AV2
Mordaunt Short 908i (with side firing subs)
QED Silver Anniv XT Biwire
QED Qunex 4 Interconnects
(Samsung DVD player connected to Amp)
I am fairly pleased with the sound of the above "budget" system but desire a deeper bass & pronounced mids.
I wish to purchase either the MS 309i or the Wharfedale SW150. The SW150 looks better on paper, but is buying a sub really going to make up for the seeming gaps in the current setup/ Is it worth the extra money spent? Those who own either of these, will they recommend it for a 2.1 setup?
Regards is always better to go for speakers with good bass extention. But then, they come at a price. So the alternative is to add a sub that fits your budget. Out of the two you mentioned, I would anyday suggest you to consider the SW150 from Wharfedale. Very good sub with nice timings.

Best Regards.
On the profx site, I found reference to PSW PRO 500 (375 W, 10? Bass Reflex Subwoofer) worth 22K. Is that the one you are referring to? (Profx - Advanced Audio Solutions)

As for the TV, I researched further, went around, carried out the tests like you had suggested (thanks a lot for those helpful tips)

But, I could not finalise anything. In fact, I have postponed the purchase "for want of a better technology" (no, i am not being a snobbish :cool:).

Just that I will be watching a lot of standard def & none of the 37" TVs seemed to fit my needs. The Toshiba A3500 does not have a swivel which I need because my room is a bit angular. The Hitachi X01A (costing 95K) is way beyond my budget. Out of the rest, the Panny looks archaic, the Sharp looks good but not so on paper or on reviews. The Sony 37" - everyone seems to avoid it. The Samsung - maybe OK but again not good with SD. The LG looks good on paper at least with the 5ms response but, while viewing HD, it seemed not as good as the Samsung.

Overall, all the TVs seemed to have some problems with SD, with pixels & jagged edges.
(I was tired & dissapointed after all this searching)
So, in a way, until there is a remarkable change in technology, with better response times, standardised contrast ratios, and better handling of SD, I may stay faithful to my 21" Samsung CRT (i know ...:eek:)

Then I started thinking of switching to Plasma, but they start from 40" and I do not need anything that big. Plasmas are said to have better handling of SD. There is the Panasonic 37" Plasma (PX70 & PX80) which seem to be a hit abroad but we do nt get it here :(

And so I decided to please my hearing senses in stead of my viewing sights & decided to upgrade my i-Fi with a neat budget sub :rolleyes:

But still, if you think that I missed out on something, if you have any models you can strongly suggest, please do so. My interest may be revived.

There are quite a few sub around 20k region. Try to audition Jamo and Polk Audio, and if you could extend the budget a bit, JBL EP-250. At 25k, that sub rocks. Quite a good value for money.
I own a JBL E 250 P superb sub for the money, never clips on torture tracks like SW Ep II or other bass heavy films. CHA Indian has seen the system maybe he could post a nice report.