Need advice on managing different sound sources to one set of inactive 2.1 speakers


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Jun 26, 2021
I have few devices and I need better solutions regarding.
1. smart tv which has bluetooth connectivity for sound output
2. Windows Pc which has 3.5 audio jack
3. Google nest mini (2nd gen)
4. Inactive speaker with one woofer (non bluetooth, 2.1 speakers)
4. Bluetooth receiver with 3.5 audio jack.

My requirement is I want to play audio from above mentioned first 3 devices to my 2.1 speaker. Obviously not simultaneously but it should be easy to switch device audio (it will be better if i don't need to manually switch as I will play aufio/video one at a time in any of 1 device out of 3) to speaker.
Like an easy switch / remote to select audio device for speaker.
Sound quality is not essential as i am using 12W speaker for just ambient music (mild background music, not for home theater like experience).
So please suggest any cheap intermediary device which can solve this issue.
Google nest mini doesn't have 3.5mm audio jack so i made my speaker bluetooth enable with receiver and made my 2.1 speakers as a default speaker for google nest mini. I have no issue if google nest mini inbuilt speaker stay idle. I need nest mini just for Google assistant voice commands to stream music or play youtube on Smart tv through nest mini.
All I want is from any where I play audio/video (smart tv/windows pc/ google nest mini), sound output should be from those 2.1 speakers.
Thanks in advance
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