Need Advice to Make final decison


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Dec 28, 2009
Am a total newbie to Plasma and LCD technology

Live in Goa where large displays of TV brands is limited So after visiting -4 outlets I have narrowed some choices down to:
1. Panasonic c10d @ 44.5K
2. Samsung LQ40b550 was on display @63K
2A: LA40B530 was informed about this as a choice was not on display.
LG models
3: 42PQ60R @41K

i: 42LH35R combo pack including lg home theatre 50 movies @66,990
ii: 37lh35R 45990 none combo but with above combo 64,990.
iiia: 42LH50y 37" @ 48K
b: 42" @ 67K
iv: 37B530 @ 54990
v: 40B530 @ 59K

I was shown a Panasonic LCD too but cant recall model no. Tho I feel that Panasonic Plasmas would be a better choice.

I lean toward Pannys because of the co reputation although all cos mentioned are or a very hig caliber

As I do not know much about the diff and benefits between the technology I would like some very decent advice based on the following viewing and usage habits

The TV would be in the living room with a window on its side approx 2mts away on its right whilst facing the TV
viewing distance is
a: 10.25 feet
could be relocated and distance
b: 12'

Mostly viewing DTH Tata Sky TV 70% mostly evening viewing.
DVD movies on Hire usually low grade copies from hire shops every weekend.
(Am intending to create my own library so decent ones will be used.)

On investment on new TV upgrade from CRTs so far :
A: Would like to connect my comp and watch down-loaded movies also
B: from Portable HD
C: Decent Dvds.
D: Pictures from camera Nikon D40

I would also be buying a surround sound system
considering : Yamaha 195 Pls advice choices

BTW budget had been set at 50k for TV and 20K for sound and DVD system.
an additional 5K may be available if the choices offered on this reply dictate that or I could hold back SRS for a few months.

Can I also ask that if I purchased a TV from out state will the MFG cos still honour their warranties in GOA.
If so please also advise best place to source the models if the details are available.

Did read thru some reviews and panny PV8 seems a good choice but here in Goa its discon.
Hence suh a detailed and inquisitive post.
My apologies to all and sundry if the content is repetitive.

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