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Need help deciding 2.1 setup

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


New Member
Jan 24, 2010
Hi Guys
Im pretty much new to the forum, but im obsessed with good sound from my childhood.

I have decided to go for a 2.1 system and i have auditioned a few during the past several weeks in bangalore,

1 Yamaha
3 Polk Audio
4 Elac
5 Jamo

and i find my personal rating as 42531

I have a Denon 1920 DVD player and need to finalise a AV receiver and a pair of floorstanders (preferably) and a good sub
I might be upgrading to a 5.1 0r 7.1 in the long run as im not a move buff now, but a few movies here and there wouldnt hurt:)

basically i listen to western classics, movie sound tracks, new age etc

My budget is around 100K (40K for AV receiver+6o K for fronts+ 15 K for SW)all flexible by 15%

I am a bit prejudiced towards marantz than a denon receiver as i feel denon is a bit forward sounding. (emphasized when paired with yamaha floor standers) and marantz is more musical and natural if you know what i mean...But i have no idea of which combination is more synergic

My hall is 15X12 and the listening space is about 10 ft frm the speakers

So guys , help me out to decide what to go for...I dont mind going to chennai or coimbatore for an audition